A message from the American Association of University Professors in support of Associate Professor Gerd Schroder-Turk

From: Michael Levitan <michael.levitan@villanova.edu>
Date: Tuesday, 21 January 2020 at 14:39
To: University of Sydney Association of Professors <usap@sydney.edu.au>
Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Dr. Schroder-Turk and Murdoch University

Dear AAUP members,

I am sending this email to you on behalf of the Executive Board of the Pennsylvania Division of the American Association of University Professors, a branch of the “other” AAUP. A good friend of mine from Perth sent me a series of articles describing what has been going on at Murdoch University regarding Dr. Schroder-Turk.

The purpose of my email is to lend our support for you to continue to pressure the administration at Murdoch to withdraw its threat against Dr. Schroder-Turk.

Whatever words we can think of to castigate the actions of Murdoch’s administration are not sufficiently severe. We want to praise you for advocating for the reinstatement of Dr. Schroder-Turk on the university Senate.

We know there must be someone with common sense in Murdoch’s administration since they decided to drop their absurd lawsuit about their loss of funds. However, their continued bullying tactics are beyond the pale.

We wish you the best of luck as you continue to protect the rights of academic staff.


Michael Levitan

Treasurer, Pennsylvania AAUP

President, Villanova University Chapter, AAUP

Michael L. Levitan, Ph.D.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Villanova University

800 Lancaster Avenue, Villanova, PA 19085

Tel: 610-519-4818      Fax: 610-519-6928

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